Where to Buy Weed in Prague: Your Ultimate Guide

Follow These Steps and Don’t Forget to Buy Some Papers!

1. Make Some Friends

Why not to buy weed on the black market

Like the song says, a friend with weed is better, right? Even if you’ve arrived in Prague alone, there are plenty of like-minded people here. Meet, sit, chat, and talk with people before asking where to score.

Tips to Meet People:
– Couchsurfing: Join local meetups.
– Facebook Groups: Check out Prague-based groups like this and the Czechsmokers page below.
– Toker Meets: Connect with fellow enthusiasts via the Czechsmokers Facebook page dedicated to toker meets in Prague.

Get in touch quickly via Facebook Messenger by clicking here.

2. Pay for a Guided Experience

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If you don’t have time to meet people organically but have a heavy wallet, this option is for you.

Whilst most of the Barcrawl companies that operate want to charge you to ply you with cheap booze, There are the occasional tour taking groups of tourists round the quiet local places where its OK to light up a doob.

And although the tour guides themselves and the company don’t actually sell or provide stuff for obvious reasons, (read heat score!) – not only do you get to meet some friends who smoke, upping your chances of a connect, chances are that you are going to places where you might make a special friend.

3. Be Social and Approachable

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If you’re struggling to make friends and don’t want to pay for a tour, try the ‘approach’ method. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Stay Calm: Approach people in a calm and friendly manner, and don’t be loud.
  2. Start a Conversation: Have a map in hand and ask for directions. Then, ask what they do in Prague. If they’re students or just hanging out, you’re probably in luck.
  3. Build Rapport: Compliment or critique what they’re smoking. This could lead to an invite to meet their dealer (score!) or they might even let you have some of their stash (double score!).

Remember, this ‘street’ method doesn’t always work, especially if you seem like a cop or a douchebag. Be prepared to pay up to 500 CZK per gram as desperate tourist.

Now that you know where to buy weed in Prague, enjoy your time here.

Enjoy your stay and dont forget to remind yourself on what NOT to do.

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