Where Not to Buy Weed in Prague: Avoid Scams and Stay Safe

1. Buying from Street Dealers in Wenceslas Square or Old Town Square

safe places to buy weed in prague

Where Not to Buy Weed:
Tourists often report the same advice on various forums: don’t buy from f***ing street dealers! You’re not going to get a good deal, and you might not get anything at all.

Why Avoid Street Dealers:

  • Targeting Tourists: These dealers prey on tourists who are naive enough to buy from them.
  • No Repeat Customers: They don’t need repeat business. There’s always another tourist.
  • No Accountability: They don’t care about ratings or reviews.
  • No Recourse: If you get ripped off, you can’t complain to the police or leave a bad review.

While we don’t recommend buying from street dealers, remember they are people too, and some of the communities in Prague have a rich and fascinating culture.

Bottom Line: If you still buy from a street dealer, you’re making a big mistake!

2. Asking a Bartender for Drugs

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Think Logically:

  • Job Risk: Bartenders have jobs that require no qualifications in a country with rising unemployment rates. Marijuana possession is tolerated but can lead to a penalty of up to 5 years in prison and loss of their business license due to Czech having a drug dealing conviction that carries with it a ‘prohibition of business activity’.
  • Police Attention: Bartenders in popular bars are frequently asked about drugs and are under police scrutiny.  Read this post if you don’t believe me.

Why It’s a Bad Idea:

  • Risk to Livelihood: Asking a bartender to sell you drugs risks their entire livelihood.
  • Annoyance: It’s likely to irritate them, as they get asked the same question frequently by loud, drunk tourists.

3. Approaching Random Groups and Asking for Weed

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Don’t Be That Person:
Imagine you’re at home, talking with friends, and a stranger loudly demands drugs. You’d probably think they’re a jerk, right?

How to Avoid This:

  • Be Respectful: Don’t approach groups loudly and demand weed.
  • Don’t Scream: Yelling about drugs will only make you seem suspicious and annoying.

Bottom Line: Screaming for weed won’t get you any. Respectful and calm approaches work best.

Now You Know How Not to Look for Weed in Prague

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