Springtime in Prague

Spring in Prague. Vltava River - Charles bridge

Spring is Coming

Or at least, we can hope. This is the time of year when that Prague weather can’t quite make up its mind. While we wait in the liminal state between hiding away inside and finally emerging, what better way to spend time in both realms than in the presence of Mary Jane?

But wait, it’s not Amsterdam and there are no coffee shops. All I can find in Prague are HHC and CBD shops. I don’t want to get ripped off buying tourist weed and I don’t have any friends to hook me up.

What do I do?

While not yet legalized, the city has adapted to a certain lax attitude towards weed. Finding someone to sell it to you isn’t all that hard if you’re the slightest bit street-savvy. Even so, finding a reliable hookup isn’t always easy, especially if you’re just passing through. This is where I’ve got your back. Whether visiting or living here, I’m here to be your stress-free 420 hookup.


Drop me a message on Facebook at: m.me/czechsmokers and I’ll make the whole process quick and simple.

Now, you can embellish in the bliss of staying inside and getting baked in peace. Get nice and high and munchy, then give Foodora some business or, when the weather finally gives us a break, go out and enjoy Prague!

Spring Recommendations

Spring transforms Prague into a captivating destination even more worth exploring than normal. Don’t overlook the chance to witness the city when the flowers are in bloom.

Here are some places I recommend checking out for some nice spring views:

  • Petřín Hill offers a scenic walk along the Vltava River, making it an ideal spot for leisurely strolls. There’s an especially nice view of St. Vitus Cathedral framed by a ton of white blossoms that makes for a great photo-op.
  • Vyšehrad Stairway (Vyšehradské schody), hidden away behind Vyšehrad on the West side facing the river, provides another great viewpoint of the city. This secluded spot is ideal for unwinding and enjoying a peaceful sunset.
  • Satlin Letná is a lesser-known place to go for a nice walk and a city view. Located right across Čechův Most on the north side, if you’re willing to climb a few stairs you’ll be rewarded with a nice watch point and many paths you can take to venture back down to the city.

Wherever you go, Prague in springtime is a nice break after the long winter. Just spending time outdoors is sure to lift your spirit.

Go Enjoy Yourself, but be Cool

When you walk around Prague, you’ll probably notice that people smoke outside, but they aren’t too obvious about it when they do. Remember, it is still illegal, so if you want to smoke while you’re out and about taking in spring, keep it discreet. Prague is fairly weed-friendly, but you’re not in Amsterdam, so be cool about it.


Prague is a great place to spend springtime and the availability of cannabis can make your time here even better. As you embark on your springtime adventures in Prague, make the most of your time by letting me simplify your experience as your stress-free weed hookup. I’ll ensure you can indulge in the city’s offerings with peace of mind.

Please feel free to contact me on Facebook with any questions.

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