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Cannabis and coronavirus in Prague

Cannabis and coronavirus in Prague

Interest in CBD oil on the rise as Czechs look for ways to cope with coronavirus anxiety

Cannabis and coronavirus in Prague. Scientific studies show that CBD use can help ease a variety of discomforts; here’s how to choose the best products on the Czech market.

During the lengthy lockdown period in the Czech Republic, coping mechanisms have ranged from yoga to self-medicating or both. One recent survey suggests that Czechs are both exercising and drinking more during lockdown.

Cannabis and coronavirus in Prague

Use of anxiety-taming wonder ingredient has seen an increase in countries around the world during the coronavirus pandemic. Cannabidiol, one of over 100 cannabinoids found in cannabis, commonly called CBD.

CBD oil

CBD oil is made by extracting CBD and other cannabinoids from industrial hemp grown to have a THC content below 0.2%.

Then diluting it mostly with olive oil, MCT coconut oil, or hemp seed oil.

Cannabis and coronavirus in Prague

People are looking for a way to strengthen their health right now and because physical stores are closed or reopening slowly. They’ve started largely buying online.

More and more Czechs are looking for a way to calm their COVID fears. Scientific studies point to the fact that CBD has been proven to help a variety of anxiety disorders.

Available in lotions, capsules, tinctures, crystals, edibles, beverages, and patches CBD is also said to relieve chronic pain, aid sleep, and even boost immunity.

But for first-time users, the flood of products available on the Czech market right now can be a little confusing.

The three most popular ways of using cannabidiol are under the tongue, topically on the skin, or by swallowing capsules.

Health benefits

Research shows that cannabis has a lot of possible health benefits but for now it’s only medically approved to help treat certain conditions such as glaucoma or discomfort associated with cancer.

It is still perfectly safe and legal to purchase and consume CBD containing less than 0.2% THC in the Czech Republic. 

THC (the psychoactive cannabinoid in marijuana)

CBD oil comes in three varieties:

  • Full-spectrum (all cannabinoids and THC included)
  • Broad-spectrum (various cannabinoids and without THC)
  • Isolate (containing just one cannabinoid such as CBD or CBG). 

While many first-time users are worried that CBD oil will make them zone out. Full-spectrum CBD products, contain only trace amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) so they won’t have a psychoactive effect and aren’t addictive. 

What to choose?

Cannabis and coronavirus in Prague

In terms of choosing the right concentration of CBD oil, it is generally recommended that you start low and work your way up.

Some products list amounts in milligrams (250 mg, 500 mg, or 1,000 mg). While others specify the concentration as percentages (5%, 10%, or 20% CBD).

Vaping, creams, or oils? The effects of CBD will vary from person to person.

Oil drops under the tongue generally work well for experiencing effects within a few minutes. For very quick relief of, say, pain or anxiety, inhaling CBD may be most effective, via a vaporizer. 

The effects from lotion also vary from person to person — some may feel it right away, others not for several hours.

CBD in food products is likely to take longer (30 minutes or more) to be absorbed into your system.

Cannabis has many beneficial attributes that will be gradually discovered and confirmed. Doing so will help further the growth of cannabis in society and better legislation in its favor.

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