Word from the Streets: Real Talk About Cannabis in Prague

What You Need to Know

Simply put most people have no problems with possession. The police typically focus on large-scale growers rather than individual users. However, as a tourist, it’s crucial to respect local smoking etiquette and stay safe. Avoid pushing boundaries or drawing unnecessary attention to yourself.

Where to buy cannabis in Prague

Practical Advice

To keep things simple and help you stay out of trouble, check out our detailed guides:

The DO’s
The DON’Ts

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Real Experience: Cannabis Fine in Prague

Here’s an example of what a marijuana possession fine looks like in Prague: On October 10, 2014, someone was caught with 5 grams of weed. They had to pay a fine of 1,000 CZK (about 40 euros or 50 dollars) and lost their cannabis, which had a street value of 1,500 CZK. So, they ended up $200 lighter but were not arrested or jailed.

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